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Ampla Partners is a social enterprise with the purpose of assisting adults with physical disabilities in securing employment with companies that value diversity and inclusion.  We believe that everyone, regardless of their physical ability, has a right to work.

The premise of Ampla, which means “opportunity” in latin, is that ability and motivation alone cannot get a person a job.  These individuals also need the opportunity to prove their ability and motivation. We have found that most companies are struggling to identify a strategy to recruit, identify, and retain employees with disabilities. 

This is where Ampla Partners comes in.  

We are building a network of corporate, government, and non-profit partners to provide employment opportunities for adults with physical disabilities.  Our typical job seeker has inherent strengths in problem solving, creativity, loyalty, and resilience. These individuals may or may not require some type of accommodation, including facility access, assistive technology, or redesigned job description to minimize physical demands.  However, research has show that these accommodations are fairly easy and cost-effective to implement.

We help employers unlock a new source of talented, motivated, and loyal employees.  We help employers with work place accommodations, provide consulting and disability awareness training to create inclusive work environments, and match talented job seekers to the appropriate employment opportunities. 

We were spawned by Angel City Sports, an organization which provides sports programming for kids and adults with physical disabilities.  We realized that our athletes face the same challenges and lack of opportunities in finding employment as they face in sport. Thus, we felt uniquely situated and qualified to attack the problem of employment.

Our founder, Clayton Frech, is an executive with over 20 years of experience in progressive leadership positions and has hired and managed thousands of employees across a wide variety of industries and government.  He has a vision to ensure that the workplace is fully inclusive for people with disabilities by the time his now 12 year-old son graduates from college.  Thus, Ampla Partners has a plan to ensure that by 2027, we have a robust marketplace for people with disabilities looking for employment, across industries, sectors, and functions. 



Our Services


We offer solutions to improve workforce diversity and create a more inclusive work environment.  Let Ampla Partners help you recruit and staff your workforce to include people with disabilities! 


  • Staffing - We will help staff any position with a qualified Job Seeker.  Our focus is on professional positions, requiring college education, entry level, middle management, and executive level. We are open to all industries and opportunities, but have particularly strong connections in entertainment and technology industries.  
  • Job Fairs - We will host disability job fairs to help aggregate both job seekers and corporate partners looking for new diverse talent. 
  • Internships - We will develop a summer internship program for our corporate partners. 
  • Part-time / Project Work - We will help staff our job seekers on part-time or project work to further their career goals and provide additional economic support to the disabled community. 

We match talented employees with caring, open, and inclusive work environments.  Looking to create a work environment that is more inclusive?  Let Ampla Partners help you! 

CREATe an Inclusive Work Environment  

  • Consulting - We help organizations create truly inclusive, productive, and fun work environments that allow their employees to achieve their full potential.  Consulting modules include ADA / Physical Accessibility, Assistive Technology, Emergency Preparedness, Job and Workplace Design, Employee Resource Group Development/Management, Internal and External PR Planning, and Talent Pipeline Development.
  • Universal Design - We help companies design focus groups and provide usability testing services to ensure products and services are universally designed.
  • Corporate Team Building - We provide leadership training to senior executives, middle management and front line employees on understanding the disabled community, including team building and live experience programs.  
  • Motivational Seminars - We provide motivational speaking services to corporate clients seeking to improve awareness and understanding of people with disabilities and motivate their employees to achieve their potential.   Our bench of dynamic speakers is deep, with stories of near-death experience, overcoming major life challenges, and resilience that will fire up your troops. 

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Whether you are an employer looking to hire a more diverse workforce, or an individual seeking full-time or part-time employment, please contact us via the form below, or through email or phone! 

Clayton Frech 

Founder & CEO 

Office: 424-242-9096 


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